Tuesday’s impeachment hearings were a disaster for Republicans

Tuesday’s impeachment hearings were a disaster for Republicans
Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff (Images: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – The yawning chasm between how conservatives and liberals view the hearings is a reflection of a larger rift, which may never heal.]

All four of the witnesses confirmed key parts of the overall case against the president — that he twisted US foreign policy into a tool of his reelection campaign by using military aid in an effort force Ukraine into opening an investigation into the Biden family. In one particularly striking example, Volker — one of the GOP witnesses — amended his earlier closed-door deposition to clarify that the administration’s behavior was shadier than he had previously thought.

Meanwhile, the Republicans on the intelligence committee, from ranking member Devin Nunes on down, did not present a consistent and compelling counternarrative. They did little to contest the facts, preferring instead to attack the media, the whistleblower whose complaint kicked off this saga, or the witnesses themselves.

The day underscored the fundamental fact of the situation: Trump did what Democrats are accusing him of doing.

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