Prepare for Democratic-primary chaos

Prepare for Democratic-primary chaos
Debate stage Wednesday (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – It will be out-and-out pandemonium if Sens. Warren, Sanders, Harris, and Booker are tied up in a lengthy Senate impeachment hearing.]

Believe it not, there are less than three months until the Democratic presidential-nomination contest begins in Iowa. Based on the muddled and still-expanding field of candidates, there’s a growing likelihood that the winner won’t be known until well into the process.

The divergent demographics of the racially homogeneous first two states (Iowa and New Hampshire) compared to the more-diverse contests that follow (Nevada and South Carolina) are creating different realities on the ground. Iowa and New Hampshire are providing South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg with clear momentum. Polling shows he currently enjoys a comfortable lead in Iowa; in New Hampshire, a new Saint Anselm College poll shows him surging into first place.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, while lately losing some ground in the early-state polls, has also demonstrated outsize strength in the first two states. …

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