Campus Reform reporter ‘mobbed’ while covering protest

Campus Reform reporter ‘mobbed’ while covering protest
Image: Campus Reform

[Ed. – Triggering snowflakes will soon be a crime punishable by death.]

Campus Reform New York Campus Correspondent and Syracuse University student Justine Murray says she was “mobbed” by leftist protesters while covering an event as a student journalist.

While covering a days-long sit-in on the Upstate New York campus, Murray says she was told she could not record the sit-in.

“I was disturbed I see some people clearly just eager to start trouble.”    Tweet This

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“What are you doing?” one protester asks Murray.

“I’m just a reporter for Campus Reform. I’m a student here as well,” Murray replies.

“Alright, just back off please,” a protester is then heard saying. “Just stand back here.”

Another person tells Murray that her presence “provokes negative energy and racist tensions” by her “previous actions.”

When Murray asks “how” and by “what actions” she has allegedly done that, the protester says that her presence makes some people “uncomfortable.”

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