House probing whether Trump lied to Robert Mueller

House probing whether Trump lied to Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller bobblehead

[Ed. – Hmm, now they’re going back to Russiagate. If anyone denies this is a witch hunt, this should persuade them otherwise.]

The House of Representatives is looking into whether President Trump lied to former special counsel Robert Mueller, an attorney representing the House Judiciary Committee told a federal court Monday.

Doug Letter, an attorney representing the committee, confirmed this to a panel of three circuit judges Monday. When U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. Judge Thomas Griffith asked Letter what the congressional committees conducting the House impeachment inquiry want to do with investigation documents from Mueller’s investigation, Letter explained the committees are probing two matters — one related to Ukraine, and the other on whether or not the president lied to Mueller during his investigation. Mr. Trump submitted written answers to Mueller as a part of the special counsel’s probe into Russian election interference and any involvement of Trump campaign associates.

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