Dems have two Rhodes scholars in presidential race, but only one gets mentioned

Dems have two Rhodes scholars in presidential race, but only one gets mentioned
Cory Booker, crusader (Image: YouTube screen grab via CNN)

[Ed. – Well!  On the other hand, I’d say Cory Booker’s Sig O gets mentioned every bit as much as Buttigieg’s.  That’s in spite of Booker being a single-digit midget in the polling, and Buttigieg being in the top four at the moment.  Buttigieg also has whimsical surplus achievements.]

A major part of Pete Buttigieg’s appeal is his brain.

Many media outlets haven’t been able to get enough of the fact that Buttigieg is a veteran, the mayor of a Midwestern city (South Bend, Indiana) and smart to boot. He went to Harvard. He speaks (or at least understands) eight languages. He reads James Joyce.

And, of course, he was a Rhodes scholar, meaning he won the prestigious academic award to do post-graduate work at Oxford University. …

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Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is too, but you might not know it from reading campaign stories this year. …

There also seems to be outsize attention on Buttigieg’s credentials and a fascination with what Jay Caspian Kang, in a New York Times Magazine article, called “‘internetty smarts’ ― intelligence reduced down to a collection of references and images.”


Kirsten Gillibrand, another Ivy Leaguer, speaks Mandarin much better than Buttigieg speaks Norwegian. … Norwegian, which has no practical value for an American president, is taken as a sign of intellectual curiosity and authenticity ― the sort of whimsical surplus achievement that often upstages workaday accomplishments.

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