I’m sorry, is impeachment not entertaining enough for you?

I’m sorry, is impeachment not entertaining enough for you?
Adam Schiff

[Ed. – The unintended humor here resides in the fact that author, appropriately named ‘Weiner,’ apparently finds these clownish proceedings compelling and can’t understand why anyone doesn’t share her political views wouldn’t.]

By now, we have a good sense of the playbook Republicans follow when hit with revelations of new Trump administration misdeeds. First comes the heated denial: That never happened. Then, the qualifications: O.K., maybe something happened, but not the way the media says! Finally, the shifted goal post: O.K., it happened exactly the way the media says, but really, is that so bad?

Up until this week, they’d more or less stuck to this template when it came to defending the administration’s extortion efforts in Ukraine: never happened, sort of happened; happened, but so what. (Or in the words of the acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, “Get over it.”)

But I was not expecting to hear: O.K.,it happened — but it’s boring.

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