The case against Trump in seven words

The case against Trump in seven words
Trump holds up U.S.-Mexico immigration agreement as presser on White House lawn. Guardian video, YouTube

[Ed. – We have seven words for Milbank, but they’ll have to go unstated. This is a family publication.]

Now it gets real.

After three years of presidential assaults on democratic norms, after a 50-day impeachment inquiry, after 100 hours of closed-door testimony from 15 witnesses and after thousands of pages of publicly released depositions, the case against President Trump comes down to seven words:

He abused presidential powers for personal advantage.

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Simple as that.

As the cameras go live at 10 a.m. Wednesday in the storied Ways and Means Committee hearing room, the risk for Democrats is not that they will fail to make the case against Trump. It’s that they will make the case in so much detail, with so many extraneous bits, that focus will be lost as Republicans throw up red herring after diversion after distraction in their attempts to create a circus atmosphere.

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