Yes, the English language is important

Yes, the English language is important
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[Ed. – The Left’s fundamental transformation of America won’t be complete until every last facet of ‘American’ culture has been scrapped. It’s an invasion from within.]

I wouldn’t have thought the importance of the English language in America would be controversial, but our era is full of surprises.

When I was on Morning Joe the other day talking about my book, The Case for Nationalism, the Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson asked, in a skeptical tone, if we should be protecting the status of the English language in our culture.

My emphasis on English was also a bee in the bonnet of Charles King, the book’s reviewer at Foreign Affairs, who said I make “the strangest arguments, which collapse upon the slightest interrogation.” He includes in this category my statement that English is a “pillar of our national identity.”

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He further says, accusingly, that one of the things I can’t imagine America without is a dominant role for the English language. In his view, a genuinely inclusive nationalism has to jettison “the idea that liberty is somehow less American if you call it la libertad.”

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