CBS commentary: Democrats could ‘lose’ impeachment due to ‘limited’ evidence

CBS commentary: Democrats could ‘lose’ impeachment due to ‘limited’ evidence
Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi

[Ed. – Note: Major Garrett was with Fox for quite a while, and Jonathan Turley has been a frequent Fox contributor. Interesting that CBS is letting them make these points.  Bears watching, in terms of where CBS is headed, especially now that Catherine Herridge has been hired there.]

The journalists on CBS This Morning, Monday, offered a surprising look at how Watergate differed with the current impeachment push. Major Garrett and analyst Jonathan Turley warned that Democrats could “lose” the impeachment battle with such “limited” evidence. …

Turley piled on the Democrats: “The greatest difference is that there has been very little evidentiary work that has been done. You know, the Democrats are going from zero to 60 in about 100 feet.”

Something you don’t see too often in network coverage of the impeachment push. Turley marveled that the Democrats were actually going through with this:

It appears they’re going to go forward largely on this phone call and the Ukrainian controversy. If they do that, it will be the narrowest impeachment in history, and they’ll have one of the most limited evidentiary records in history.

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