‘Appalling’: FBI ‘misidentified’ anti-Trump agent’s notes in case against Mike Flynn

‘Appalling’: FBI ‘misidentified’ anti-Trump agent’s notes in case against Mike Flynn
Peter Strzock (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – ‘Thank God for the Deep State.’]

In a newly admitted “mistake” the defense has decried as “appalling,” the attorneys prosecuting former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn have been forced to admit this week that they “misidentified” the sources of the FBI notes upon which the case against Flynn has been based.

The notes on the conversation with Flynn that the prosecutors believed were written by anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok, the prosecutors admitted in a letter Tuesday, were in fact written by his partner, Joe Pientka. The admission further calls into question Strzok’s credibility, as he had insisted that Pientka was “primarily responsible” for taking the notes and writing the key document in the case, the FD-302 form. The admission also follows the defense’s accusation that the FBI deliberately altered the original 302 form to suggest Flynn had lied about his contact with a Russian ambassador.

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