Is God skipping the Democratic primary?

Is God skipping the Democratic primary?
Frank Bruni (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – Since when did the New York Times start caring about religion other than Islam?]

The most recent Democratic debate lasted three hours and, according to one transcript I checked, exceeded 30,000 words.

Almost none of them were about religion.

God came up only in throwaway phrases. “God bless Kamala,” said Cory Booker, praising Kamala Harris for discussing reproductive rights. Joe Biden scattered “for God’s sake” and “God forbid” like croutons on his word salads. Tulsi Gabbard, explaining the meaning of “aloha,” noted that “we’re all God’s children.”

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When Booker fleetingly mentioned his participation in a bipartisan Bible study group, I snapped to attention. That was the closest the debate came to acknowledging the importance of faith in many people’s lives.

While the percentage of Americans who don’t identify with any religion has grown significantly over the past decade … it’s still the case that more than half of Americans say that they pray daily. …

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