Who needs women’s sports anyway?

Who needs women’s sports anyway?
Transgender women athletes have distinct advantage over biological women. (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Other hard truths that could be added to this reality sandwich include the fact that women’s sports have not produced on a viewership level, which explains why female pro athletes earn so little.]

With all of the debate currently raging around the issue of transgender women (men) taking part in competitive women’s sports these days, we should probably take time to get the actual female perspective on the issue. With that in mind, I would direct you to read this enlightening column from Libby Emmons at Spectator USA. Ms. Emmons brings the expected, empathetic point of view that such a complex question calls for, particularly when so many toxic males (such as yours truly) have been weighing in.

So what’s her conclusion? You women need to get off the fainting couch and deal with reality because let’s face it… “women suck at sports.”

It’s time for women to realize they’re just no good at sports. Women simply can’t compete. If they could, it wouldn’t be so easy for bigger, tougher, stronger, male-bodied competitors to trounce them.

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