Huh: Trump says we’ve ‘taken control’ of Middle East oil

Huh: Trump says we’ve ‘taken control’ of Middle East oil

[Ed. – He doesn’t say we’ve (i.e., U.S. forces have) seized it, so much as that we have it under protection.  That’s what it sounds like.  Still, it’s worth noting.  He really did mean that campaign stuff about taking control of the oil in Iraq.  With U.S. being self-sufficient, I’m not clear on the necessity for this.  Unless the purpose is to keep it out of the hands we don’t want it in. ISIS’s hands?  Other terrorists’?  Would like to see someone from Fox ask him questions about his concept and intent here.]

“We’ve taken control of the oil in the Middle East,” President Trump claimed on Friday afternoon, in response to criticism over his handling of US troop movements out of Syria. …

The words echoed Trump’s earlier tweet, with similar oil-based claims. “The U.S. has secured the Oil, & the ISIS Fighters are double secured by Kurds & Turkey,” Trump’s tweet read in part.

The President did not elaborate on what he meant by “securing the oil,” but speculations about the President’s statement assume he is referring to US special forces that have been—and will continue to be—in control of oil and gas fields in Deir Ezzor.

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