The best way for Democrats to beat Trump

The best way for Democrats to beat Trump
Tom Steyer, billionaire backer of climate change agenda. MSNBC video

[Ed. – Let us guess. Is it by the Dems’ nominating Tom Steyer?]

When corporations write the rules, you can generally bet that executives will get bonuses, shareholders will get dividends and workers will get screwed. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the CEO-to-worker pay ratio has gone from 20-to-1 in 1965 to 278-to-1 in 2018. …

I’m running for president to stop and reverse that trend. For Democrats to win in 2020 and govern effectively, we must present a strong plan for growing the economy in a way that is more equitable — and that doesn’t sacrifice the innovation that fuels our competitive strength.

I want to be clear: a socialist system, or nationalizing certain industries, is not the solution. Instead, I believe in a “people over profits” economic agenda. Here is how it would work.

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