Democrats should heed the lessons of 2004

Democrats should heed the lessons of 2004
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[Ed. – It appears that ship has already sailed.]

… [I]f the Democratic establishment is making moves that indicate it may have learned from 2016’s debacle, it’s also showing troubling signs of rerunning the electoral disaster of 2004, and Biden is flashing more than a few John Kerry-like traits.

If you’ve forgotten just how shambolic the 2004 campaign was, here’s a quick review. The Republican opponent, an unimpressive scion of a dynastically wealthy family, was nearing the end of a first term he’d secured after losing the popular vote. In the year of his re-election campaign, he sported a favorability rating under 50 percent. Among his signature policies were a massive tax cut that proved to be a wildly regressive giveaway to the wealthy, the expansion of a largely unchecked immigration enforcement agency, and some congressionally unapproved warmongering in the Middle East. …

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