Take it from a former Moonie: Trump is a cult leader

Take it from a former Moonie: Trump is a cult leader
Sun Myung Moon (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Sure, because whose word would you want to take on sizing up a person than someone dumb enough to have been suckered into a mind control scheme?]

On the afternoon of Nov. 18, 1978, Jim Jones called his followers to the central pavilion of Jonestown, a sprawling outpost in the jungles of Guyana, and ordered them to drink a lethal mixture of cyanide and fruit punch. Over 900 people perished that day, more than a third of them children. As he lay dying of a bullet wound to the head—a less painful way to go than cyanide and one that he probably orchestrated—Jones told his followers that it was “all the media’s fault. Don’t believe them.”

Those words, uttered so long ago, sound disturbingly familiar as we approach the 41st anniversary of Jonestown. We have a president who regularly disparages and blames the media, calling it “fake,” “false,” and “phony.”…

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