It is wrong — and corrosive — to conflate ‘unfavorable news’ and ‘fake news’

It is wrong — and corrosive — to conflate ‘unfavorable news’ and ‘fake news’

[Ed. – This op-ed, by the Post’s publisher, never mentions Donald Trump by name, which is rather coy. As for the point of view, the author is right — there is an enormous difference between ‘unfavorable news’ and ‘fake news.’ Sadly, the paper he publishes seems at times not to know where the line between the two lies.]

We are living in challenging times for those who depend on the work of a free press. … In every part of the world, authoritarian rulers are tightening their grip on the media, trying to prevent reporters from holding the powerful to account.

Today we are witnessing purposeful, calculated attacks meant to discredit the very integrity of journalism. The attacks are conducted by people who would prefer to wield power free from accountability and out of the public eye.

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That truth might not always be what a leader wants to hear. But there is an enormous difference between “unfavorable news” and “fake news.” It is wrong to conflate them. Doing so is an attack on the truth — and it is corrosive to our democracy.

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