How Biden is bungling his Ukraine response

How Biden is bungling his Ukraine response
Joe Biden (Image: Twitter screen grab)

[Ed. – First, what else can he do? Clearly, Biden dug his own grave by boasting about his threats to Ukraine’s president to prove his foreign policy chops.]

Yesterday morning, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reported that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has been deliberately shielding the candidate from interviews throughout the Ukraine ordeal because they don’t want him confronted with numerous questions on the topic.  I don’t see how it’s is a viable or sustainable strategy, but this is apparently what they’re going with for now. …

That can’t last.  The man is seeking the White House.  He doesn’t get to duck and dodge uncomfortable questions indefinitely, especially when they’re connected to a massive story involving an impeachment inquiry into the sitting president.  I can understand, however, why his team might want to avoid sustained questioning on this subject, given Biden’s churlish and inaccurate answers to a handful of question about it late Friday. …

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