Dems have been impeaching President Trump since day one

Dems have been impeaching President Trump since day one
Image: YouTube screen grab via LIVE ON-AIR NEWS

[Ed. – Do they ever stop to think about how idiotic an un-American this is?]

“People say, ‘You changed your mind.’ I didn’t change my mind,” says Nancy Pelosi. This is true. Democrats have been impeaching President Trump since day one.

To impeach does not just mean our constitutional process to remove a president for high crimes and misdemeanors, or, in this case, Democrats kowtowing to a radical base to jam through proceedings before their case falls apart. To impeach also means “to cast doubt on.”

And that is exactly what Democrats and their allies in the media have done since Nov. 9, 2016. Accepting the fact they all got it so wrong would require painful self-reflection. It is much easier to divert, disparage, and discredit. Otherwise the American people would not learn their lesson. Millions of “deplorables” could get the wrong idea that the swamp is supposed to work for them.

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