Cuba battles infestation of giant snails

Cuba battles infestation of giant snails
Wonder if a .22 shotgun would do adequate damage. Giant African snail. YouTube video

[Ed. – It’s biblical times, I’m telling you.]

 Silently and without pause, the giant African snail has been invading Cuba.

With their shiny, brilliantly striped shells and bodies up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) long, the snails have become public enemy No. 1 for epidemiologists and citizens have grown to fear their ability to transmit diseases and harm crops. …

[Yusmila] Marín and families in the Villa Panamericana neighborhood are keeping children indoors to play due to the danger of infection from the snails, which can transmit a potentially severe brain infection called meningoencephalitis and an abdominal disease known as angiostrongiliasis.

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