Ph.D. candidate claims false rape accusations cause no real harm

Ph.D. candidate claims false rape accusations cause no real harm

[Ed. – All evidence to the contrary, for many men falsely accused who have lost jobs, student status at universities, savings, the trust of family members and friends, decades of their lives after wrongful conviction, and sometimes the will to live.]

A few days ago, sociology PhD candidate Nicole Bedera informed the world via Twitter that she found no evidence that false rape accusations cause harm to the falsely accused.

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Duke Lacrosse ring a bell? KC Johnson of Durham-in-Wonderland and Legal Insurrection covered the case extensively. …

How about the case of Joseph Roberts? Out of the blue he received an email from Savannah State University ordering him to stay off campus. Further more the school circulated a photo of him urging his arrest by police if he is seen on campus. But no harm came to him regarding the false accusations…right Nicole?

“Roberts said he hit rock bottom after what happened to him.

“I woke up not responsive, surrounded by EMTs and firefighters with an empty bottle of alcohol and a bottle of pills … suicide attempt. That was the worst,” he said.”

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