Congress, not neoliberalism, hamstrung Obama’s presidency

Congress, not neoliberalism, hamstrung Obama’s presidency

[Ed. – The resurgent Left’s critique of Obama is a way of re-litigating a lot of the arguments they made at the time, based on the fantasy that if only Obama were like LBJ, he could have somehow bent Congress to his will, and gotten whatever he wanted. –Philip Klein]

What are we talking about when we talk about neoliberalism?

In its simplest form, neoliberalism refers to a general preference for market mechanisms over state interventions. But since almost everyone sometimes prefers market mechanisms to state interventions, and sometimes prefer state interventions to market mechanisms, the conversation quickly gets confusing. …

I think we need the term neoliberalism. … [F]or that reason, I’ve become more frustrated with the lazy ways the term is tossed around — and, particularly, how it becomes an all-purpose explanation for any political outcome someone doesn’t like.

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Farhad Manjoo’s latest column in the New York Times is an example. Manjoo argues that “Barack Obama’s biggest mistake rhymes with ‘schneo-liberalism.’” But his examples, for the most part, have less to do with Obama administration ideology than congressional vote counting.

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