Campus priest on golf cart offers unique service

Campus priest on golf cart offers unique service
Father Patrick Baikauskas on Purdue campus. Facebook via Breitbart

[Ed. – Do you hop in and make your confession from the passenger seat as the father tools the cart around?]

A campus ministry priest at Purdue University has begun riding around campus on a golf cart, offering students to hear their confessions “on the go.”

Dominican Father Patrick Baikauskas has created what he calls “the confession to-go cart,” complete with a sign advertising his ministry as he drives around the college campus in West Lafayette, Indiana. …

“Pope Francis said we’re supposed to smell like the sheep,” Fr. Patrick said. “Smelling like the sheep means you’re not going to stay in that church and wait for all the people to come to us.

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“Pope Francis wants us to go out to the people and experience them right where they are,” he said.

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