Blasey Ford friend’s denial undermines narrative of 1982 party even more than thought

Blasey Ford friend’s denial undermines narrative of 1982 party even more than thought
Christine Blasey Ford (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – It’s a good point.  If the friend, Leland (Ingham) Keyser, was dating Kavanaugh’s buddy Mark Judge that summer, it seems especially unlikely that she’d be unable to remember if the alleged party even happened at Judge’s house, or that she’d have no confidence in the theory that she drove Blasey Ford there.]

[T]he new book, The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation, doesn’t just undermine the credibility of Ford’s allegation by quoting Keyser outright denying the plausibility of such an assault happening. It undermines Ford because the details revealed about the night of the party by Ford herself do not add up. …

In an era without Lyft or Uber, and in a residential area likely without taxi cabs, a persistent question has been how Ford got to and from the party. Today, Ford thinks that Keyser drove her both ways. …

Keyser, who has always maintained having no recollection of a party with the named people or place, was dating Judge that summer. It seems highly unlikely that you couldn’t at least confirm that you attended a party with your good friend and boyfriend, especially seeing as how the house very likely belonged to Judge’s family. Second, if so many pivotal logistics of that night hinge on Keyser, then her assertion that she doesn’t have “any confidence in the story” is all the more damning.

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