James Mattis has blistering criticism for Obama

James Mattis has blistering criticism for Obama
SecDef Mattis and JCS Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford (USMC) hold Pentagon briefing. PBS News video, YouTube

[Ed. – We’ll see if Mattis has the same level of blister regarding Trump someday.  I actually doubt it, because Mattis is smart enough to judge by outcomes and not just process.  Outcomes are clearly what he’s judging Obama on.  Trump’s outcomes won’t be as negative.  No one’s are uniformly perfect or positive, but Obama’s were uniquely bad.]

Mattis doesn’t have much to say right now, in either the book or in interviews, about President Trump. Neither piece, though, mentions another president about whom Mattis is more than willing to dish. That would be Barack Obama, who was Mattis’s commander in chief when the then–Marine general led Central Command. Mattis’s critique of Obama isn’t just harsh. It’s blistering. …

Mattis’s tenure at Central Command lasted from 2010 to 2013. It was during this time that the Obama administration took steps that diminished American influence in the greater Middle East and empowered Iran. …

Mattis was informed he would be relieved of command in December 2012. He writes:

I was leaving a region aflame and in disarray. The lack of an integrated regional strategy had left us adrift, and our friends confused. We were offering no leadership or direction. I left my post deeply disturbed that we had shaken our friends’ confidence and created vacuums that our adversaries would exploit.

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