Buttigieg: Trump is ruining Thanksgiving

Buttigieg: Trump is ruining Thanksgiving
Image: ABC video screen grab

[Ed. – What is it with Democratic politicians and Thanksgiving?  Their obsession with politicizing the Thanksgiving dinner table conveys a very odd idea of their home lives.]

Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Monday chose a speech in South Carolina to accuse President Donald Trump of ruining Thanksgiving.

“That wall on the border is never going to get built, but real walls are being built within our families, and our communities, and our churches to where Thanksgiving dinner is starting to feel like a minefield,” he said, drawing on a new zinger in his standard stump speech.

Buttigieg spoke at the Galivants Ferry Stump Meeting in South Carolina. …

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“Every day, we got a president tweeting out a new outrage in order to distract us from the fact that he’s not capable of doing the job,” Buttigieg said. …

“What’s he going to do?” he asked. “Pick a fight with Switzerland maybe, move the White House to the Trump Tower, I don’t know.”

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