Democrats, stop helping Trump

Democrats, stop helping Trump

[Ed. – One of the most electrifying polling numbers cited in the articles is the flip in the Democratic Party’s numbers from 53% favorable, 42% unfavorable in 2018 to 45% favorable, 52% unfavorable in 2019.]

How important do Democrats think it is to beat President Trump in 2020?

Obviously, most Democrats would say it’s vitally important. Four more years of the Trump presidency could allow him to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. It would worsen the climate crisis. It could cement his paranoid racism and scorn for democracy as the new American normal.

Given these consequences, you would think that Democrats would be approaching the 2020 campaign with a ruthless sense of purpose. But they’re not, at least not yet. They are not focusing on issues that expose Trump’s many vulnerabilities. They have instead devoted substantial time to wonky subjects that excite some progressive activists — and alienate most American voters. Recent polls suggest that the Democrats really are increasing the chances Trump will win re-election.

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