UK: PM Johnson refuses to request Brexit date extension; no clue what happens next

UK: PM Johnson refuses to request Brexit date extension; no clue what happens next

[Ed. – It’s something of a game of chicken going on here.  Parliament last week passed a new law over Johnson’s objection that says he must request an extension from the EU by 19 October.  (The current Brexit date is 31 October.)  Johnson says he won’t do it.  Parliament also refused to give him a snap election between now and 19 October.  Johnson is being threatened with arrest if he doesn’t make the extension request, but it’s not clear there’s a way to carry that out.  If the Remainers can’t get Johnson out of the way before 31 October, it’s conceivable that Brexit will happen is as “hard” a manner as possible; i.e., with the government a shambles and not having fully prepared for it.  There are actually a lot of people who would prefer that to remaining after 31 October.  A disingenuous theme continues, believable only to a minority, that the “real” concern for politicians who have voted both for and against Brexit deals (sometimes the same deal), in order to delay Brexit, is what kind of deal it is, and whether there is a deal versus no deal.  Astonishing situation — if this were any other calendar year since about A.D. 1688.]

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to stick to his refusal to ask the EU for a Brexit extension despite the resignation of one of his ministers and Parliament passing a bill requiring him to do so.

Johnson has said he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than ask the European Union for more time to come up with a Brexit deal, and two of his top officials said Sunday the prime minister still feels that way. That doesn’t sit well with his political opponents and legal experts, however, who say he could be sent to prison if he follows through on his promise to flout the new law. …

Saturday, Amber Rudd, a senior cabinet member, quit over concerns that Johnson wasn’t actually trying to reach a Brexit deal before the October 31 deadline. Johnson lost his whip in Parliament last week when he kicked him out of the Conservative Party, along with 20 other Tories who voted for mandating a request for an extension.

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