Media prepare massive public relations campaign to spin Spygate

Media prepare massive public relations campaign to spin Spygate
Andrew McCabe, CBS 60 Minutes video (Image: CBS News screen grab)

[Ed. – The elite media, which long protested it was neutral, has become more transparent in its distortion of the news.]

On Aug. 23, it was announced that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had just been hired to be a contributor on CNN.

While surprising to many, the development is hardly out of character for the current news industry, which already has more than a handful of former law enforcement and intelligence community officials from the Obama and Clinton eras appearing on air as contributors.


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What’s unusual about the McCabe hiring is that CNN intentionally overlooked why McCabe is no longer at the FBI, and instead sold an alternative version of what happened there.

In CNN’s version of how his firing went down, McCabe is a heroic law enforcement official who was just doing his important job, when he became the target of a presidential vendetta.

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