Women-only rape crisis center loses funds, is vandalized by trans activists

Women-only rape crisis center loses funds, is vandalized by trans activists
Vandals at Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter taunt rape victims with accusation that shelter managers are "TERFs": trans exclusionary radical feminists. VRRWS via Twitter

[Ed. – The city of Vancouver actually withdrew funding because the center’s purpose is to serve female victims of rape.]

Founded in 1973, VRRWS is the oldest rape-relief center in Canada. Their staff is a collective made up of 20 women who serve around 1,200 women every year. Some of the staff are paid, others are volunteers, but they all do a lot of voluntary work. “Because you cannot change the world Monday to Friday, 9 to 5,” Kerner explains. “It’s a full-time life.”

VRRWS’s mission is inspired by feminist philosophy. Specifically, by the belief that women — meaning the female sex — are born into an oppressed class. This is why their peer-support groups and housing programs are reserved for those who are “born female” and who therefore have “shared experience.” …

In March of this year, Vancouver city councilors withdrew funding from VRRWS, despite the fact that the grant in question — approximately $30,000 — went toward public education and outreach services that were open to both sexes, regardless of gender identity.

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