Public schools ‘ripping parents off’ with classroom supplies scheme

Public schools ‘ripping parents off’ with classroom supplies scheme

[Ed. – For institutions that are supposed to be responsible for educating our children, today’s schools are a model of corruption and depravity.]

Big Apple parents are getting a crash course in cutthroat capitalism at their kid’s schools, which are strong-arming them into buying supplies at sky-high prices to pad the bottom line.

The money-making scheme is generating windfall profits — tens of thousands of dollars citywide that’s getting tucked away in school slush funds, The Post has found.

At least 10 NYC schools’s have worked out a private deal with a small Chicago-based business, Yubbler, to sell supplies to parents — and split the profits with the PTA or school.

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The company offers packages of schoolhouse basics — notebooks, crayons, paper and more — at inflated prices, in some cases up to double what stores and online retailers charge, The Post found.

But excess supplies are apparently hoarded in closets and storerooms, creating an artificial shortage.

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