Newsom signs new California law redefining basis for officers using deadly force

Newsom signs new California law redefining basis for officers using deadly force
Gavin Newsom (Image: ABC 7 LA video)

[Ed. – If administered with the intent to make a difference, the law will basically make it more likely that deadly force will get an officer in trouble.  In that case, it’s pretty much guaranteed to result in more bystanders, if not cops, being killed by perps in fast-moving tactical situations.]

AB 392, co-written by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, will hold law enforcement officers liable for homicide if an investigation finds the use of deadly force on a civilian was necessitated by the officer’s own actions. Law enforcement will still be able to use deadly force as self- defense, but only when “necessary.” …

At one time, AB 392 appeared stalled again amid unresolved tensions between state legislators and law enforcement officials. That tension dissolved when the two sides struck a deal in May to amend the bill by changing “reasonable” to “necessary” and removing language mandating officers to use lethal force only after using non-lethal alternatives. …

A second piece of legislation, currently mired in the Assembly’s committee process, would require law enforcement agencies to train officers in accordance with AB 392. SB 230 would also standardize de-escalation training requirements statewide in an effort to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.

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