Radiation accident in northwest Russia linked to hypersonic missile test?

Radiation accident in northwest Russia linked to hypersonic missile test?
Nothing to see here; just a 20-fold spike in radiation after that little blast down the road from Arkhangelsk. OBC video, YouTube.

[Ed. – Something seems to be getting garbled in translation here.  The location of the radiation warning is a missile testing site on the eastern side of the White Sea (Nyonoksa, near Arkhangelsk).  The media reporting makes it sound as if the hypersonic Zircon (Tsirkon) cruise missile being tested might have been the source of nuclear radiation.  It is extremely unlikely the missile was being tested for its performance as a missile with a live nuclear warhead, however.  (The Zircon may be nuclear-capable, although as an antiship missile that too is doubtful.)  Not clear what’s going on; any nuclear radiation coincident with a Zircon missile accident would frankly have been from another source.  The usual conflicting messages and weird denials are emanating from Russian authorities.]

Suspicions are growing today that Russia has suffered another nuclear accident after ambulances covered in protective film were seen transporting six people with serious radiation poisoning in a mystery explosion at a military base. …

Radiation levels are said to have temporarily soared 20 times above the normal level in Severodvinsk, a city 18 miles away, sparking ‘panic’ and ‘hysteria’ and a rush to buy iodine from pharmacies. …

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, lightning has stuck a Siberian military base and caused a series of explosions just four days after huge blasts previously rocked the same depot in Achinsk. …

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The Nyonoksa accident yesterday was believed to have been caused by the explosion of a liquid-propellant rocket engine and subsequent fire believed to have been on a vessel, possible a barge. It remains unclear how radiation would have been leaked from such an explosion.

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