Black GOP candidate told to ‘stop eating the coon flakes’ in KY AG race

Black GOP candidate told to ‘stop eating the coon flakes’ in KY AG race
Daniel Cameron (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – We’ve heard ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘house Negro,’ and other slights for blacks who refused to tow the Democratic Party line, but this is a new one.]

In case you haven’t fully gotten the message, African-American Democrats are really angry with any African-American Republican that embraces President Trump. Then, if an African-American Republican runs for an elected office, well, the racial slurs fly… from the Democrats. The race for Kentucky’s Attorney General is no different – just ask Daniel Cameron.

Daniel Cameron is an African-American Republican candidate for attorney general in Kentucky. He came under attack by Dawn Elliott, a liberal female African-American lawyer and co-host of a political talk radio show, this week. Cameron is running against Democrat Greg Stumbo, a 67-year-old white Democrat who is a former Attorney General of Kentucky and long-time state lawmaker.

Cameron, a former general counsel for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, proudly announced his endorsement by President Trump — and that didn’t sit well with Ms. Elliott. She told Cameron to “stop eating the coon flakes”. Yikes! In the mind of Elliott, Trump is “trying to destroy” black people. Hyperbole, much?

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