Anatomy of a gun confiscation in California

Anatomy of a gun confiscation in California
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[Ed. – Something to ponder.  I don’t know that I’m indignant about this particular case, but I am dubious – and that’s really the point.  No “system” can be trusted over time to get this right.]

On Friday afternoon, Kern County Superior Court Judge Stephen D. Schuett heard hours of evidence in support of a petition to impose an emergency gun violence restraining order on local political activist and cannabis advocate David Abbasi. …

Abbasi was arrested on gun charges earlier this year after a large pit bulldog attacked and killed his miniature pinscher on April 28 while Abbasi was out walking his dog. Abbasi pulled a loaded handgun and pointed it at a 15-year-old who had struck him in the head while Abbasi was trying to control the attacking dog.

Abbasi told The Californian on Friday that his beloved pet had just been killed before his eyes, that he was afraid the dog would turn on him, when the teen began striking him.

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“I thought my life was in danger,” he said. “That’s why I drew my firearm in self-defense.

“But there was no discharge of the firearm,” he emphasized. …

However, Abbasi does not have a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

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