Root cause of mass shootings: Rootlessness

Root cause of mass shootings: Rootlessness
Emergency workers tend the injured in the WalMart parking lot, site of the mass shooting in El Paso on 3 August 2019. Video via Twitter, @lambiemark

[Ed. – In whatever terms we discuss it, this is the discussion we have to have. Donohue talks about “three ‘Bs'”; I would talk about three Cs: character, connectedness, compunction.  Either way, or both, we will never find answers until we get beyond the clinical, and beyond the behavioral things that can be addressed rotely by law.]

Much too much is being made of the political leanings of these men. Crusius was upset with the “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” and in the eyes of some that makes him a white nationalist. But he was also an extreme environmentalist, a critic of big corporations, and a proponent of universal health care. Betts was a self-described leftist who championed the cause of left-wing terrorists.

There are many things that can be done to lessen the likelihood of mass shootings, but not to address rootlessness is a serious mistake. Last year a Cigna study showed that the most likely persons to be lonely were young people, not the elderly. …

It is irresponsible to allow ideologues to drive the discussion of mass shootings. This problem will not be curbed by blaming white nationalists or Christian nationalists (they are the new bad guys in the left-wing playbook). After all, young black men who kill each other in the inner city with abandon have nothing to do with white nationalists or Christian nationalists. That they are given less attention by the media than violent white men smacks of racism.

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