NYT writers go there, conflate GOP, conservatism and ‘white supremacist terrorism’

NYT writers go there, conflate GOP, conservatism and ‘white supremacist terrorism’
Charles Blow (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – In case you weren’t sure this is really how progressives see it.  To clarify: you’re the “white nationalist policymaker” (or, if not, you at least support the white nationalist policymakers).  Emphasis in NYT quote by NewsBusters.]

Two New York Times writers tried to use the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton to condemn not just Donald Trump and his rhetoric, but the policies of the Republican Party in general.

The online headline deck to Charles Blow’s Monday column said it all: “Terror and Policy: 2 Sides of White Nationalism: The white supremacist terrorists and the white supremacist policymakers share the same mission.”

Blow (pictured) tried to suggest Dayton shooter Betts was motivated by anti-black racism, ignoring his alleged Twitter account where, as NewsBusters Kristine Marsh pointed out, “he identified as a ‘leftist’ ‘atheist’ who wanted socialism, and he said he’d vote for Elizabeth Warren.

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I think a better way to look at it is to understand that white nationalist terrorists — young and rash — and white nationalist policymakers — older and more methodical — live on parallel planes, both aiming in the same direction, both with the same goal: To maintain and ensure white dominance and white supremacy.

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