How 4 kids escaped the Baltimore projects to ‘Trump country’

How 4 kids escaped the Baltimore projects to ‘Trump country’
Getting a good start: Children in a city park participating in community activities. YouTube video

[Ed. – Marcus has a compelling story here. As for the question if there aren’t other ways to transform project kids’ futures — without having to move them all to West Virginia — it’s important to remember that before the welfare state became prevalent in America, poor immigrants and poor blacks in tenement districts worked hard, raised good kids, and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.  Many Americans are only 2 or 3 generations removed from that reality.  (Whether in the inner city or not, most people my age grew up in circumstances that would be considered impoverished today.)  The inner city doesn’t have to be a death trap for people’s hopes and dreams.]

At [a] picnic, I met an extremely bright, articulate 15-year-old black kid and his three younger siblings.  Mary read in the local newspaper that he is the best runner in the county, receiving offers and scholarships.

His grandmother is white.  She moved him and his three siblings from the Baltimore projects to live with her [in small-town WV] because their parents are drug addicts.  She laid down the law to her grandson that his Baltimore thug attitude would not be tolerated in her home.  Grandma’s tough love parenting worked.

If you watched the Democratic presidential debates, you could conclude that everyone and everything in America is racist.  In my tiny town of Trump voters, everyone appears to embrace and support the four black kids who escaped the hood of Baltimore. …

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It is amazing what a child can achieve once he is distanced from the destructive atmosphere of a Democrat-controlled city.

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