Democrats are playing to lose

Democrats are playing to lose
Doug Jones (L), MSNBC video. Roy Moore, YouTube video

[Ed. – They’d also abandon foolish fantasies like impeachment, especially following the Mueller spectacle.]

Do the Democrats really want to beat President Trump in the 2020 election more than anything else in the world? They insist that they do, but the way they behave suggests otherwise.

If beating Trump were their priority, they would have focused their beams on the one-fifth of Trump voters who thought Trump was “unpresidential” and then moved heaven and earth to win them over.

Democrats, if they wanted to beat Trump above all else, would have targeted those put-off Trump voters, emphasizing civility, comity, and reliance on norms (along with a knowledge of civics and history). This might require a candidate with some conservative sensibilities, as Alabama Democrats opted for in Doug Jones.

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Were the Democrats as hot to dump Trump as they claim, they would have tried to recruit a more Jones-type candidate (though admittedly more to the left, as the rest of the country is not Alabama).

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