Schiff: Pro-impeachment Democrats feel ‘stronger’ after Mueller hearing

Schiff: Pro-impeachment Democrats feel ‘stronger’ after Mueller hearing
Adam Schiff

[Ed. – What will it take to wake this guy up? The Dems are already paying for insisting on this silly bit of failed political theater. What does Schiff hope to achieve by continuing to push for an impeachment that the American people don’t want, will never get enough support to pass in the House, and if it did would be shot down by the Senate?]

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Thursday that after special counsel Robert Mueller‘s House testimony, Democrats who support impeaching President Trump feel “stronger.”

“Those that are ready to pull the trigger and say let’s begin the impeachment feel that their hand is even stronger after this hearing,” Schiff said in a CNN interview.

Asked what was different after the hearing, Schiff said that Americans got to hear from the man who did the investigation.

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“I think hearing that from the man who did the work was powerful,” he said.

He did not directly answer a question about whether he personally was closer to supporting impeachment, saying, that he did not expect new facts from the hearing.

Schiff said that he hearing was not about “optics,” but rather what was said about President Trump’s behavior, which he described as “unethical, unpatriotic, wrong and criminal” [sic]

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