Former federal prosecutor: Mueller ‘clearly did not run this investigation’

Former federal prosecutor: Mueller ‘clearly did not run this investigation’
Fox News/Fox 10 Phoenix video, YouTube

[Ed. – It’s Andrew McCarthy, and I understand the time it has taken him to acknowledge realities others have been clear on for a long time.  These are the people he walked the halls with for years.  I have a similar, viscerally sad feeling about ugly revelations I fear we are going to see in the coming months regarding perversion of national intelligence capabilities, and exploitation of the vast monies that flow through the Pentagon.  When this time is all done, I doubt any agency of the federal government will have been immune.]

On my Fox News radio program last evening, however, longtime Assistant United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy was more candid.  He said the proceedings made him viscerally sad, stating outright that after watching hours of testimony, he believes the venerable lawman was not in control of the investigation that bore his name:

McCarthy: I just think he didn’t know the investigation.

Benson: You really think there were other people calling the shots and pulling the strings?

McCarthy: I do, yes.  I don’t think he could tell you what the OLC guidance was.

Benson: Wow, really?

McCarthy: Right.

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