Forced to choose, ‘Planned Parenthood’ picks abortion over ‘family planning’

Forced to choose, ‘Planned Parenthood’ picks abortion over ‘family planning’

[Ed. – An important framing from streiff on the news about this win for the administration.  Trump HHS won’t let “Planned Parenthood” continue to pretend it’s Title X-compliant to use federal money to advocate abortion to its clients. So “Planned Parenthood” is effectively dropping the “family planning” fiction and just going outright with the truth that it’s an abortion mill.]

Planned Parenthood announced that it was leaving the Title X Family Planning program. … Planned Parenthood used the free health care as a marketing gimmick to draw in women, many of whom were pregnant, and up-sell them on getting an abortion. In short, Planned Parenthood used federal money to market its core service. The federal dollars that can’t be used for abortion helped pay the overhead expenses of dual-use facilities and the salaries of people who worked there. …

[A] Supreme Court case called Rust vs. Sullivan … held:

Section 1008 of the Public Health Service Act specifies that none of the federal funds appropriated under the Act’s Title X for family-planning services “shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.” …


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Planned Parenthood … has made its decision.

Planned Parenthood on Tuesday said it will forgo federal family planning funds rather than comply with new Trump administration rules …

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