‘Gendered’ language like ‘manhole’ will soon be banned from Berkeley’s city codes

‘Gendered’ language like ‘manhole’ will soon be banned from Berkeley’s city codes

[Ed. – It’s contagious. Since manholes need a name, we’d like to suggest ‘sh*thole’ as an alternative. That’s a word the Left seems to approve of. Ilhan Omar used it in her press conference with other members of the ‘Squad’ on Monday.]

Soon, there will be no more manholes in the city of Berkeley, California. There will also be no chairmen, no manpower, no policemen or policewomen.

No, that doesn’t mean a whole city will be without committee leaders and law enforcement. It means that words that imply a gender preference will be removed from the city’s codes and replaced with gender-neutral terms, according a recently adopted ordinance.

The city voted Tuesday night to replace gendered terms in its municipal codes, like “manhole” and “manpower,” with gender-neutral ones like “maintenance hole” and “human effort.”

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The item passed without discussion or comments and was not controversial, said Berkeley City Council member Rigel Robinson, the bill’s primary author.

“There’s power in language,” Robinson said. “This is a small move, but it matters.”

The revised city documents also will replace instances of gendered pronouns, such as “he” and “she” with “they,” according to the ordinance.

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