Trump’s tweets were’t racist; they were mind-bogglingly dumb

Trump’s tweets were’t racist; they were mind-bogglingly dumb
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[Ed. – I wouldn’t go as far in condemnation as McCarthy does, but I would wholeheartedly endorse the viewpoint that there’s just no reason to go there with comments like the ones Trump tweeted.  The comments carve space there is no useful purpose in defending, instead of focusing attention and debate on the radicalism of the far-left Democrats.]

Is it “racist” to tell people who have contempt for the country — who abhor the common culture that makes us American — that they ought to go back to where they came from? It has nativist and reactionary overtones, but I don’t think it is racist. I’ll grant this much, though: It is closer to actual racism than the Left’s usual demagogic claim: I am a racist if I extend to a non-white nincompoop like Ilhan Omar the courtesy of taking her seriously as an individual and a public official, as if it were her race rather than the idiocy of what she says that moves me to dissent.


The real problems here, in 2020 terms, are the stupidity and insensitivity of the president’s Twitter twaddle.

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To tell people who are natural-born Americans that they ought to go back to the country where they originally came from is so ignorant that I would be humiliated if it were said by a child for whom I was responsible.

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