Study: Want antioxidants? Eat ‘fat-free bug dust’

Study: Want antioxidants? Eat ‘fat-free bug dust’
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[Ed. – You’ve got to love people who urge us, with a straight face, to grind up crickets and grasshoppers and eat gross-tasting dust from their body parts as if there’s some kind of food crisis making that necessary.  You shouldn’t do what they suggest, of course.  But you do have to love them.]

Of the edible insects analyzed, grasshoppers, silkworms and crickets displayed the highest levels of antioxidants — almost five times more than fresh orange juice! It’s worth noting here that all of those insects are vegetarians, while carnivorous bugs, such as giant cicadas, giant water bugs, black tarantulas and black scorpions all displayed negligible antioxidant rankings. To be fair, scorpions and spiders aren’t insects, but arachnids.

Now, these insects were analyzed in the form of a fat-free dust. You can already imagine how hard that would be to swallow, but researchers say that even if the dust was diluted 88% in water, it would still boast about 75% of the antioxidant qualities of orange juice  …

While Serafini and his team admit that it won’t be easy to convince most people to eat something that looks unappetizing and tastes even worse, they stress that consumers should remember all of the health benefits that insects can offer.

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