Angola robs American company at gunpoint, hires D.C. lobbyists to clean up mess

Angola robs American company at gunpoint, hires D.C. lobbyists to clean up mess
Image: YouTube screen grab

[Ed. – What swamp?]

The government of Angola, an African nation in the southern part of the continent bordering the Atlantic Ocean, has retained one of the biggest lobbying firms in Washington, DC, to help it clean up a mess it created when the nation severely harmed a number of American companies operating in Angola.

This all comes as the U.S. government continues to provide significant amounts of foreign aid to the country, even after Angola forcibly seized with armed and uniformed soldiers one U.S. company’s assets in the nation and had serious problems paying debts owed to two other U.S. companies.

This story of corruption in a despotic foreign country causing harm to American companies, and a third world regime spreading cash around K Street in Washington, D.C., to fuel continued inaction from the U.S. government seems almost too perfect a ripe opportunity for President Donald Trump to step in on behalf of American interests and stop it—all while draining the swamp.

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