‘Terminal tourists’ just like to hang out at airports

‘Terminal tourists’ just like to hang out at airports

[Ed. – So this is weird. Seriously, are there airports where you can park in short-term parking for less than $10?  With the $12 cellophane-wrapped sandwiches and nothing to else to buy that doesn’t cost twice what it would at the mall, I’m not seeing the upside here.]

“It’s so convenient, so safe and so secure,” Hughey,  a 72-year-old retired school superintendent, said after a recent visit on what’s called a non-traveler pass. “She [his granddaughter] loves to look out the big picture window and have a bottle of milk she got from Dunkin’ Donuts and sit there and watch airplanes coming and going and the baggage carriers loading up the planes. We have a great time.”

Hughey’s at the vanguard of a new phenomenon: terminal tourism. Programs adopted or being considered by a number of airports allow people beyond security checkpoints so they can meet arriving relatives or just hang out. It’s a bit of a return to the days before the 9-11 terrorist attacks, when airport security was more relaxed and you didn’t need a ticket for a flight to get inside. …

Pittsburgh was the first airport to open up to non-travelers, in 2017, and Tampa started doing so last month.

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