Kamala Harris attack on Biden during debate was in planning for months

Kamala Harris attack on Biden during debate was in planning for months
Liar, liar: Kamala Harris as a child (Image provided, via Twitter)

[Ed. – Saw on Twitter that right after the exchange with Biden, her campaign immediately put T-shirts up for sale — during the debate — with the image of her as a kid, supposedly when she was bused in Berkeley.  That’s going to sink like a rock; everyone hated federally-mandated busing, and no one remembers it as a noble or necessary endeavor — only as an onerous method of manipulating classroom demographics rather than addressing school quality. Then, of course, there’s also the point that Harris was in Canada when the race-obsessed busing started — and schools in Berkeley were ‘integrated” before she was even born.]

Kamala Harris’ campaign is spending the next three days trying to extend the best two hours of her political career.

Harris’ surprise cross-examination of frontrunner Joe Biden produced the third-biggest fundraising bonanza since her launch. …

Inside Harris’ campaign, the first debate was viewed as the unofficial start of the contest, the first big opportunity when primary voters start paying attention to the presidential race. …

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Her campaign had spent months fixated on Biden, whose support from black voters has kept him atop all of the early polls. They gamed out several scenarios in which she could use her personal story as a point of contrast with his decades-long record, including over his opposition to busing.

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