Democrats push federal legislation to override state right-to-work laws

Democrats push federal legislation to override state right-to-work laws
SEIU public employees' union rally in Los Angeles. YouTube video

[Ed. – The cray-cray continues.  They’ve gone off course to port and there’s no looking back.  Proclaiming collective bargaining a “human right” is an attempt to put compulsory unionization beyond the reach of voters and state legislatures.]

Democrats are working to push federal legislation that would override right to work laws across the country.

Democrats have introduced a pair of bills that would help to impose coercive unionism on public sector workers. The legislation is ostensibly about promoting federal collective bargaining, but in practice each would overrule right-to-work laws in states across the nation. The Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act (H.R.1154) would require all levels of government to collectively bargain with public safety employees. A reintroduced version of the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act would create a right to unionize for all public-sector employees. …

Rep. Andy Levin (D., Mich.) said that collective bargaining should be considered a fundamental human right and painted right to work laws as out-of-step with other developed nations.

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