SCOTUS blocks citizenship question on Census, ‘for now’; Trump looks into delaying Census

SCOTUS blocks citizenship question on Census, ‘for now’; Trump looks into delaying Census

[Ed. – Not really clear why it would even be controversial to ask the citizenship question. The Constitution itself wrote limits on who was to be enumerated in the Census, given its constitutional purpose of forming the basis for congressional representation/apportionment.  (Article I Section 2.)  All the other political stuff we have heaped on the Census in the ensuing centuries is discretionary and reversible.  A citizenship question is perfectly consistent with the Constitution’s intent for the Census.]

President Trump vowed Thursday to try delaying the 2020 census after the Supreme Court blocked, for now, his administration’s plan to include a question that inquires about citizenship status.

The court had said that the administration’s explanation for adding the question was insufficient and sent it back to the lower courts for further consideration. The ruling marked a major setback for the administration. While more lower-court litigation is possible, it would be difficult for the government to get the question on the census in time for the forms to be printed by their original self-declared summer deadline.

But Trump raised the possibility of a delay until a final resolution by the courts. In a fiery Twitter response to the narrow ruling, Trump said it “seems totally ridiculous” for the government not to ask such a “basic question.”

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